Spend Less Build Better

What we believe at GI Building Sciences.

Everyone deserves smarter, safer and healthier options in building design and lifestyle.

Whether you are a home owner, developer, builder or specifier our core goal is to provide our clients with cost effective and custom solutions to energy efficiency.

If you aspire to more than the mandatory checklist and actually want to maximise your investment in Energy Efficiency, then you should use GI Building Sciences for your next project.


Why work with us.

GI Building Sciences is a one of a kind Australian business, offering nationally accredited consulting services and a broad range of passive design, insulation, lighting and mechanical cooling/ heating options to suit every budget.

We can help deliver a home or building that:

  • Is the best it can be for livability and environmental health by reducing the risk of condensation and associated health concerns
  • Has reduced running costs
  • Offers improved longevity and sustainability
  • Has reduced construction cost outcomes to suit your budget